Video Games and Sleep

Do you ever wonder why your kids are tired and grumpy in the morning? Maybe they are spending too much time on a video game. More and more research is coming out about how detrimental screen time can be for your kids. Some interesting new research is coming out about how video games, especially violent video games can affect the way your child develops and thinks about social situations, compassion, and acceptance of others. Specifically, this article explains how video games can disrupt sleep and make your child grumpy, tired, and unable to cope with daily stressors life presents. I am not suggesting that kids entirely be banned from screen time, but you may want to place limitations and boundaries, including when and how much. A good indicator if your child has spent too much time on a screen is io you call him or her away and he or she comes happily and  willingly. If they refuse, get angry or upset - they've likely spent too much time on a screen.

School News

Fort McMurray firefighter Nathan Gilchrist visits Dorothy Dalgliesh School

An exhausted but brave, Nathan Gilchrist stopped in to visit his nephew, Gavin, at Dorothy Dalgliesh School on Wednesday, May 11, 2016. As a child Nathan attended Dorothy Dalgliesh School but for the past six years has resided in Fort McMurray. 

When the devastating wildfires began in Fort McMurray, Nathan was on a team of firefighters battling the blaze. At one point his own house was threatened, and his family had to be evacuated. Once he was certain they had safely made it to Edmonton, Nathan returned to fighting the blaze.

Visibly shaken by his experiences, Nathan spoke to DDS students and staff about how quickly the fire moved, and how little time people had to evacuate. Nathan used the analogy of the movie Frozen which most, if not all children have seen. He stated that if the Fort Mac fire had started at the west edge of Picture Butte, by the time the movie Frozen was over, the entire town would have gone up in flames.

As students practice compassion, Nathan brings a real-life connection to how important it is to help out our Fort McMurray "neighbors." Monetary donations for the Red Cross will continue to be accepted until the end of next week at the DDS office.

In Picture Butte visiting family on a short 2-day leave, Nathan returns to his firefighting duties tomorrow. We wish Nathan and his wife, Amy,  and family all the best.


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