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At Dorothy Dalgliesh School we want to promote, support, and celebrate literacy in every way possible. One way is to try and put as many books as possible into kids’ hands.

Books were meant to be loved and shared, not shoved on a shelf and forgotten. Help your books be loved (i.e. read) by contributing to and joining in with our Little Free Take a Book, Leave a Book Library.

In the gym hallway you’ll find a snazzy little pine cupboard that will be filled with books for you to take FOR FREE! There is only one catch – if you take a book, leave a book behind to replace it. In fact, why not share two or three or more of your books when you pick a book up!

By the way – there is an “adult” shelf as well for you moms and dads, grandmas and grandpa! Let’s just keep it appropriate!

So look at home to see if you have any books that need a little extra loving (i.e. reading) and bring them by! Trade, read, enjoy.

Have fun and READ, READ, READ!!!


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