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2017 Track and Field Day at DDS

Students, staff, parents and spectators enjoyed our annual track and field day at Dorothy Dalgliesh School on June 8.

Student competed individually and as teams in dash, high jump, long jump, ball throw, sack races, relays and tug-of-war. Here's how the teams ended up at the end of the day:

1st place - Thunderbolts with 1365 points

2nd place - Cobras with 1114 points

3rd place - Cheetahs with 1027 points

4th place - Bobcats with 1010 points

Thank you to Schooten Farms for supplying and serving the BBQ burgers!

Thank you to our School Council for preparing the BBQ burgers and supplying the cool treat.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out - we couldn't run the track meet without volunteers!



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